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Success Stories

Chris - Automotive Manager


Automotive Manager

I'm the man I am today because of the Stronghold system. The morals they taught me, I still hold onto today in my automotive management career. I thank them for what they did for my family. Stronghold is the best education method ever built!

Dr.Ellen - Dentist



My mom's passing-on when I was young seemed like the end of the world. The Stronghold system taught me how to strive, and I've held onto those values and lessons. Today I'm a happily married wife and mother, and have a successful dental practice.

Abe - Teacher


Teacher and Coach

Before Stronghold came into my life, I was angry, defiant, and lacked motivation. Their principles challenged me, stressed the importance of integrity, and are my moral compass to this day. I'm happily married with 4 children, and have been a teacher and coach for over 20 years.

Christina -ParaMedic



Prior to coming into contact with the Stronghold system, I was lost and had no self-worth. The most important thing Stronghold did, was that they believed in me, and caught me when I fell. Today, I'm happily married, a para-medic, and working to become a Physician Assistant.

Our Team

Rudyard Kipling
Paul White -Director



I try to see each student like
God sees them.
It makes anything good possible.

Christie Batt - Teacher



We build our family as we
go through life; each of our
students become a part of mine.

Key to Our Success

"Our son attended Stronghold. They help those who struggle to
complete their education, fit in, find employment, become better
citizens, and most importantly, find their true selves."

E.P. - California


Stronghold School Systems

Stronghold School Systems is a non-profit education program for youth and adults. We provide services in lieu of any education program, including private, alternative, homeschool, traditional public, independent study and adult education.

A not-for-profit education alternative of the Paul D. White Institute

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